Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam


Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Viet Nam would like to inform nursing lecturer recruitment as follows:


Nursing lecturer

Job Type

Full-time lecturer

05 (five) people

Job description

★ Support nursing teaching

★ Guide students to practise

★Manage students

★Other works: According to the assignment of THUV

Job Requires

★Have bachelor in Nursing (at least)

★Have Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate

★Have Teaching Certificate

★Have experience in teaching and clinical field

★Understand the Mission & Founding Principles of THUV, love the students training

★Have good communication skills and Responsibility for work


※Priority is given to candidates fluent in Japanese or English

Salary & benefits

★Salary: labour agreement

★Insurance, welfare: Under the provisions of the labour Law and THUV's regulations


Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Viet Nam

ST-01, Van Giang Commerce and Tourism Township (Ecopark), Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province.


Deline: Before August 15th, 2017

Work in university begins

Employment agreements

Mode of enrolment student

★ First round: Reviewing dossier

★ Last round: Directly interview

※ The results will be notificationed via Email phoned the candidates after have done interview

Job Application Dossier

1. Curriculum vitae (download here)(tải mẫu ở đây)


2. Certificates (attested copy or original copy of academic transcript, diplomas,…). Documents relating to a experience teaching and research write was followed form’s university (download here)


3. Presentation of the "Application Reasons" and "Job Training Plan After Admission" (approximately 2 A4 pages)


※ All copies of original academic documents must be attested as true copies of the original.(tải xuống tại link đính kèm)


※ The Job Application Dossier will not return for any reasons.

※ Sending the Job Application Dossier by post office or Submit Dossier directly or via E-mail

Address: Human Resource Dep’t - Tokyo Human Health Sciences

University Vietnam - ST01 -Van Giang Commerce and Tourism Township (Eco Park) - Van Giang District - Hung Yen Province. (Note into an envelope is Nursing Instructor Cover Letter)

TEL: (+84 868-217-406   /  (+84) 24-6664-0325

FAX: (+84) 24-6664-0305