The duty of a Nurse

Nurses in charge of supporting patients in their daily activities so that patients feel more comfortable with their treatment; At the same time, nurses take care for patients under the medical instructions of doctor. As a member of the health care team, nurses assist clients both physically and mentally in terms of knowledge, technical expertise and caring for them. The faculty of nursing have mission for training nurses to adapt in international environment.

Training objectives

Our university is dedicated to the goal of training international human resources for health care in order to support the enhancement of human autonomy and coexistence based on the University’s Founding Mission and different demand health care.

  1. Graduated students have a diverse and integrated understanding of people, have professional ethic and have ability to make good relationship between people.
  2. Based on scientific evidence, students acquire knowledge and skills that are highly specialized in responding to the changing needs of the social and ethical needs of safety and wellbeing. The quality of medical care as well as the ability to perform nursing care of high quality and safety.
  3. Based on the social system, graduates have the capacity to connect and collaborate with other professional fields such as health care – health – welfare related to regional health care and Home treatment.
  4. Graduated students become human resources always respect social culture – human values; Capable of supporting the maintenance and enhancement of health; Disease prevention.
  5. In addition to improving the quality of the nursing industry, graduate students can cultivate themselves to fit the development of global society.

Graduation Requirements

The conditions for graduation examinations of the University are stipulated as follows:

General education knowledgeOver 28 credits
Basic knowledge of the sectorOver 28 credits
Specialized knowledgeOver 67 credits
Total (Mandatory Credit)Over 123 credits

(1) Have studied for 4 years or more
(2) A minimum of 123 credits or more, which is graded as a Graduation Examination held by THUV.

Students who meet all of the above requirements receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.



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