On occasion of the establishment of Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

With the educational philosophy: “To bring health and happiness to all people in over the world”, I and my Vietnamese and Japanese colleagues will work hard to train human resources capable of providing medical services with international standard.

Dean Kusumi Mari

Dean Kusumi Mari

Nowaday, the world is more and more volatile. In situation, Vietnam has achieved rapid development in lots of fields. Moreover, the internationalization of non-educational field is also accelerated.
In that situation,Tokyo Human Health Siciences University Vietnam was established in 2016, in The Ecopark of Hung Yen Province to provide health care technology and medical test same as International standard like in Japan.
“Nursing”, “Physiology therapy”, “Orthopedic Implants”, “Medical Laboratory Science”, “Diagnostic imaging”; The “Japanese Medical Training Center” of our university conducts medical training, based on basic standards of science on the world. To educate generous and well-rounded medical staffs with international standard is our goal and mission.Our university is conducted training progress based on the achievements in high-level medical education and training for more than 60 years of University of Human Art and Sciences .
In particularity, we focus on the philosophy of “self-reliance” and “co-existence” in training, which is mention in founding Mission. We bring this opinion in curriculum in training medical staffs who can be contributed to the health and well-being of people in different cultures with valuable perspectives in diffirent countries on the world.
Students of Tokyo Human Health Siciences University Vietnam do not need to study abroad but still receive international standard medical education. In addition Students not only study medical technique but also improving their Japanese and English skill. When they graduate from Tokyo Human Health Siciences University Vietnam, they will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in medical.That is advantage to be able to file a job in global society. They will also learn the way how to communicate, collaborate and self-study, clinical skill.

Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam’s


Appreciate the ritual, attitude and behavior of mankind.Always express sympathy, caring, sharing and loving each others.


Efforts, devoted to the benefit of society and people.


Always be ready in any situation.Do not give up, determined to fulfill aspirations for the future.


“Thank You” are the beginning of everything.Gratitude for the Creator, society and people will make our lives richer and happier.


Always cheerfully smiling, dedicated to everything.

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