To train human resources for health care meet requirements of times and the regional geography.

In the 21st century, the world is being changed ,human kind are being floated between the vague reality and prospect future. In the linkage between Southeast Asian countries, especcially​​ Pacific ocean belt – focal area, economic, cultural and medical fields are extremely interested. In particularity, Vietnam has enjoyed rapid economic growth and remarkable GDP growth over recent years in Southeast Asia countries.

Therefore, not only in Japan, other countries in over the world are more promoted cooperation economic with Vietnam, expecting to be a big partner of Vietnam in lot of fields, such as academic exchange, human resource cooperation and training.

Moreover, in the national strategy of the Vietnamese government, human resource training is considered as an important issue in the sustainable development of country. In particularity, training human resources in the health sector is a top priority due to the change in morbidity, shortage of medical staff, and health care disparity of Vietnam and other countries in same area.

Tokyo Human Health Siciences University Vietnam is the center for health care human resources training.

Japan is a country which have health care and medical laboratory techniques at a high level on the world and Vietnam society also has huge practical requirement. Tokyo Human Health Siciences University Vietnam will provide high quality medical and technical training which based on academic links with the University of HumanitiesUniversity of Human Art and Sciences, Waseda Medical Âcdemy – A center with more than 60 years experience in medical human resources training.

However, In the progress of human resource training, especially medical staff, It is required a lot of time, and somtime we only can see the visible or result after ten years. Tokyo Vietnam Medical University, with our educational philosophy of “Bringing health and well-being to everyone”, will be made for Vietnamese society lots of human resources who can be provided a best quality health care services to Vietnamese people.

The faculties of our university includes: The Faculty of Nursing; The faculty of Rehabilitation / Physical therapy, The department of Orthopedic Implants, The department of Medical Laboratory Science”, The department of Diagnostic imaging; The Japan-Vietnam Medical Training Center. All is setted up which based on international standards and scientific basis. With the mission of creating compassionate medical staffs, and As a role of educational Instution, we are committed to take all our efforts to train health care professionals with a strong skills in the future. They will contribute to international community.


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