The place has a friendly atmosphere. Office staffs are always dedicated, polite/courtesy to feedback questions of students and visitors.


A place to manage necessary materials for studying and researching of students. There are currently about 5100 books in many disciplines. It is expected that in the future, wel will continue to increase the number and type of books to give students a better learning environment. The materials language of book there that you can find in Vietnamese, Japanese and English.

Computer room

With more than 80 new desktops, alwways open and welcome to students in self-study hours.

Nursing practical room

There are a variety of models with Vietnamese and Japanese standard for practising of students.

In order to enable students to practice full range of Nursing Techniques at the universtiy, we have equipped many practice models.

Physical Therapy / Physical Therapy Room

Equipped with a full range of equipment for the study of physiotherapy / physical therapy such as exercise bike, walking month, motorcycles etc.

In addition to creating a familiar atmosphere, the school kitchen system is adjustable to suit your meal preferences.

Practice room for prosthetics

Equipped with equipment and machinery to make prosthetics and orthopedic appliances.

Basic medicine practical room

There are lot of models are displayed and used to help explain the lessons up easily, clearly and interesting.

Japanese Medical Training Center

It is a space for holding ceremonies, school meetings with students or other organizations.

Artwork in school

On campus there are many paintings on display.

Enjoy all that art when you go to school.

School yard

It is a student space that can play badminton, laugh, exchange during break-time.


Students and staffs have lunch or conversation during the lunch time with peaceful atmosphere.

Corner of friend zone – self study

We set up these area with red chairs. Corner of friend zone – self study is a place where students can gather on break time, discussions or study in group.


Our university is located in the green campus of the Ecopark, surrounded by trees and flowers. Students can easily focus on learning with a natural zone .



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