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Related to Japan National Nursing Certification Exam.

CONDITIONS FOR NATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF NURSING (JAPAN) Those who have one of the following categories qualify can be take part in The Nursing National Qualification Examination :

(1) Persons who meet all admission criteria and have graduated from 3 or 4 year nursing training program at under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and other relevant ordinances. Or in the process of studying and expected to graduate in March (For example in 2017 is March 21st, 2017).

(2) The candidates who are in accordance with the standards set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and social welfare, having studied for at least 3 years at the nursing training school administered by the Ministry of Education/ Ministry of Health. Or students who are studying and can graduate next March. (eg the year 2017, the date is 21st, March, 2017)

(3)The candidates who graduated nursing traning schools/centers are qualified to work under the regulations of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor. Or students who are studying and can graduate next March. (eg the year 2017, the date is March 21st, 2017)

(4)The candidates who is graduation at professional intermediate school and have Registered Nurse License ( licensed by the province or region ) and at least 3 years of working experience in medical center base on education Law (including cases of graduation or can graduate before March, Example: in 2017, it is March 21st, 2017)

(5) In cases, The candidate was certified by The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare has graduated from a nursing training school and meets the conditions specified in 1 ~ 3 article of this clause as prescribed article 5 of the The national Nursing and Midwifery acts (see page 2 for more information).

(6) (7) (8) The candidates who nursing was choosed e recruited under the conditions set forth in Japan, Philippines, Viet Nam Economic Cooperation Agreement after having Japanese training as well as nursing introductory classes. Or have completed these classes and are learning while doing work at health facilities under the supervision of the Chief Nursing. These cases are certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare and have graduated from the nursing training schools and meet the conditions specified in clause 1~3 of this regulations. (Certified by the Minister before March each year, for example, 2015 is March 21st, 2015).

(9) The cases are belong to (6) (7) (8) has been granted the right to attend the national nursing certification examination in many years ago

(10) The cases are specified in Appendix 8 of Law to modify a part of Public Health Nurses, Midwife and Nurses Law (Law No. 147, 1951)

※ Some other cases do not involve foreign factor. PROCEDURES FOR GRANTING NATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF NATIONAL CERTIFICATE FOR NURSING (2017) ※ reference information for application procedures for 2017 In cases where foreigners have graduated from nurse training schools / centers or have obtained national certificates for foreign Nursing, they can take the certification exams. Japan Nursing requires the approval of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan in accordance with Article 2, Article 20 (Law No. 26 of 1951). Only National Medical Nursing 2017 and the specific screening process as follows:

Apply documents: Submit all documents in person

Application deadline: from April to 31t August

Verification of documents: around in September or October



↓ NO

Document to take the test,

Around November


Send notice: around November



To take the national certificate examination procedure



※ Certificate after being granted without term, candidates can take the exam in the following years. 1. Subjects to be examined (eligibility consideration) Graduated from forein nursing school or Nursing practical license holder. 2. Method of examination Based on the documentation provided by the applicant, the panel will consider whether the candidate is qualified as a student who has graduated from a Nursing school in Japan or has not met the criteria. Specific standards below. 3. Registration time The 2016 ~ 2017 school year is the time of receipt and review of applications from Friday, April 1, 2016 to Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Where Candidates for the Japanese Language Proficiency Examination hold July 2016 Impact of Notice of Examination Results Deadline should be submitted by Friday, September 9, 2016. 4. Criteria for review / verification Cases satisfying conditions 1 to 6 below will be considered for eligibility to take the national Nursing certification exam.

(1) Studying time at Nurse training centers

Refer specific conditions a-c

A) Eligibility for admission to overseas Nursing school or institution.

Graduate from high school (at least 12 years through primary school – secondary high school – high school ) or similar accreditation.

B) Having studied at Nursing school.

Up to 3 years (however may include the year of study at the training facility (s) prior to enrolling in a foreign Nursing school.

c) Time to study until graduation from the nursing training center

More than 15 years or the same case is recognized

(2) Study content and study time

Cases of satisfactory study time and study content in accordance with regulations on training of Nursing (Ordinance No. 4 issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 1951). The total number of specialist courses required and the total duration of study is over 2600 hours.

(3) Academic achievement.

Have a good record.

(4) Learning environment

Have appropriate learning and practice equal to or better than those in Japan.

(5) whether or not he / she has been granted a practicing certificate of practicing foreign Nursing after graduation.

Not yet licensed practice.

(6) Japanese ability

Have national certificate examination or equivalent mode

(7) Japanese Language Proficiency

For those who do not graduate from secondary school or high school of Japan, a N1 Japanese Proficiency Certificate must be obtained (in the case of examination before December 2009, equivalent to elementary school certificate)

5. Advice before submitting your application The 2016 ~ 2017 curriculum for the preparation of the application is effective. We provide preliminary advice to candidates who volunteer their time from Friday, April 1, 2016 to June 6, July 29. Candidates wishing to be consulted should consult their telephone counseling appointment in advance with the Department of Nursing, Medical Profession, Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Welfare. Points to note when visiting consultants: • Applicants can only be consulted once within 30 minutes. • In cases where the person authorized to travel on behalf of the need to have the authorization of the registrant himself. (No authorization form required, signed by the registrant and authorized person). • Can advise group of candidates. • The candidate carrying documents is preparing, clarifying the content to consult. • Make sure the time is up to date. • Please note that there are no advance appointments. V Note due to the number of consultants on a limited day so please book an appointment soon for a consultation. 6. Profile Candidates apply to the nursing department of the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare and Health within the stipulated time. Be sure not to miss out using the profile check card and bring this slip with you when you apply.

Catalog records

Sample / items to record

Points to note

(1) Application for National Certificate of Nursing Certification

Have separate templates and instructions for items to record

The process of learning from elementary school to graduation nursing training, the year of admission / year of graduation in schools recorded in the positive calendar.

(2) One of the following:

• Registration book

·   Copy of residence card (bring original for confirmation).

·   Certificate of residence or permanent residence certificate (applicable to Japanese nationals)


Household registration book: Household registration booklet (limited to cases where no personal identification number is required) (My Number)

Residence cards are those issued under immigration, refugee or intergovernmental peacekeeping agreements with the Japanese government. Includes Citizen Identification Card.


(3) Doctor's medical certificate

Have a separate template

The health certificate is issued by a Japanese-licensed doctor and is issued less than 1 month from the date of application

(4) Copy of certificate of foreign nursing practitioner certificate


Preparation of the necessary documents related to obtaining a practicing certificate equivalent to the national certificate of Japan.

(5) A copy of the report of the national nursing qualification examination report



(6) Copies of the diploma of the foreign nursing school / institution.



(7) Copy of academic record at the school / facility



(8) Course summary, number of credits, total time spent in the course of graduation.


Certified by the institution / institution that graduated. The content of the course clearly indicates school or clinical practice. In the case of learning time based on the unit learning mechanism, certain hours must be changed.

(9) Based on Annex 3 of the Law on the Establishment of Intermediate, Nursing and Public Health Training Institutions for Learning Contents / Number of Academic Times and a Comparative Table of Course Contents and The duration of study at a nursing training institution has graduated.

·   Match table (nursing)

·   A collating table describing the recording method (nursing)

The content of the course is divided into Basic, Basic, Basic, and General. Distinguish theory and practice. Refer to the collation example attached.

(10) Legal documents related to the issuance of certificates of foreign nursing practitioners' certificates


Basic legal documents refer to the rules below and prepare.

(Database service law and regulation)

·      Maternity Law

·     Regulations for the designation of midwifery schools / institutions, nurses.

(11) The certificate of graduation institution / institution is legal.


The official document certifying the legal basis. You can submit a leaflet or the school's website address.

(12) In the case of non-graduates of junior or senior secondary education in Japan, a copy of the Japanese Proficiency Examination Certificate N1 and achievement record is required.




(13) Check card for registration of the certificate of national nursing certification (Japan).

Have a separate template

Please fill out this form to avoid the lack or preparation of your application. Take this form when submitting your application.

Attention is not given to cases where there is no check for this record.

※ Notes on application 1. The application file is 1 file. 2. (1), (3) follow the prescribed format. 3. Content (9) written in Japanese. 4. The contents of the record must all be translated into Japanese. All nouns must be transcribed into Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana, Chinese). 5. (4) ~ (8) and (10) ~ (11) the application file includes both the original and the translation certified by the Embassy or Consulate of the country which obtained the Nursing Practitioner Certificate. 6. The papers (4) ~ (7) and (11) in addition to the copy of the candidate should bring the original when filing. (The original after reconciliation will be returned) V Note when recording / filling files in Japanese, use Japanese to write / fill, other records use the original language (language in the form) to write / fill.7. A few notes when filing ① Applicants must submit the application directly, the cases sent by mail or through intermediaries are not accepted. ② Depending on the time (especially before the expiry of 2 months) the number of applicants In case the time of receiving the application is not the same as expected, we recommend that you apply soon. In addition, incomplete applications will not be available. In case of insufficient data, you will be asked to submit the application form. Disseminate your application by Wednesday, August 31, 2016 (for example, in year 2016). ③ Deadline to make an appointment by phone before the deadline. • Adherence to the appointment. • Please note that you do not receive the case when you do not have an appointment. V The number of people who can receive a limited day should be able to decline the appointment. Please book your appointment soon. ④ In case of entry only when submitting the application file and when carrying out the national certificate, there are no papers in item 6. (2) must bring with the original passport and submit the copy. ⑤ In the case of the names listed in the certificates obtained overseas and the names in the different nursing practitioner certificates, the information will be verified through the passport. This case must be accompanied by a copy of Passport. 8. Some notes when submitting your application (1) The application file (including the check sheet of the application for certification of the national nursing certificate). (2) Proof of identity (for foreigners: passport, for Japanese nationality: passport, national number card, driver's license ...). (3) Pen, notebooks. 9. Contact address, filing Postal number 100-8916 都 千代 田 霞 が 関 関 1-2-2 Phone: (+81) 03-5253-1111 (representative) 労 働 省 医 政局 看護 受 験 資格 認定 担当 担当 This number only receive questions.