Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

About the Orthopedic Appliance Sector

What is the duty of a prosthetic orthotics technician?
Orthopedic prosthetics technician is a medical expert in performing work such as fabricating and assembling prosthetics and orthopedic appliances for the purpose of rehabilitation of the limb Illness or accident or disability.

What to learn in the prosthetics discipline?
Students need to learn the medical and technical knowledge needed to build and assemble orthopedic instruments, and to learn the manufacturing techniques through practice.

What tool made up prosthesis and orthopedic devices?
The prosthesis is divided into false arms and false legs, which are used to supplement the patient's cut limbs. Orthopedic appliances are divided into chiropractic, lower extremities, and trunk, which are intended to assist with rehabilitation due to illness and accident. All these orthopedic instruments are specially made to fit the patient's body. These orthopedic instruments are indispensable medical devices in supporting the patient to return to everyday life and social integration.

Where do prosthetic technicians work?
All manufacturing centers for prosthetics and hospitals nationwide, in Japan, are mainly rehabilitation centers. The demand for prosthetics technician in Vietnam is very high and increasing in the future.

What is the great feeling when I'm a prosthetist?
This is when the patient is able to have daily activities or be able to walk normally using an orthopedic device thanks to our work. The tool becomes a tool to help the patient socialize and re-smile on his lips. Therefore, I always study more and pay careful attention to make the most appropriate and safe for the orthodontic equipment depending on the purpose of the patient.