Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Join the booth promoting health - longevity at AEON LONG BIEN

To promote the image of Japan as one of country with longevity and leading healthcare in over the world to ASEAN community. Therse countries are facing the risk of aging population and diseases due to habit of living in the future. JETRO – an event promoting health booths – longevity. This year, they created an event expected to be held at AEON LONG BIEN on Saturdays - Sundays on March 4th and 5th, 2017. Located in the Ecopark urban area Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam partcipate in training human resoure in Health care such as Nursing, Rehabilitation / Physical therapy ... In this promotion, we will give you a simple screening test and advice on Health and longevity. The methods are introduced for the purpose improving your daily health. In addition, in this promotion we have combined introduction and consultancy college admission, sincerely invite you to take part in at AEON LONG BIEN. Please visit the link below: (Japanese)