Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Students of Tien Lu High School (Hung Yen) visit the school.

To be approved by the Board of Managers of Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam, 23/02/2017 Board of Superintendents and over 170 pupils of Tien Lu High School in Hung Yen Province visited and joined some small lessons at THUV. For the first time, they were exposed to the university education environment with full of modern equipment and facilities. They were amazed and excited. After introducing and greeting on behalf of the school, Lecturer Hasebe has provided an overview of THUV, its' training disciplines and its' curriculum. We have a discipline that there is no university in Vietnam has, such as orthopedic prosthetics and orthodontics. It is very essential to Vietnam and the world. At the end of the presentation, pupils were divided into four groups, two groups visited the campus and practical rooms, the library, the facilities; 2 groups join together with the nursing and rehabilitation / physiotherapy classes. From using the PHYSYCO robot to experiencing pulse vasculature, blood pressure, cardiac electrocardiogram ..., examining other vital signs to experience with pregnant women's clothing or the elderly’s clothes... It was their first time so they feel veru excited. At the same time, the selection of equipment for the parents or the grandparents who unfortunately need the help of an equipment to function normally is also instructed by the Department of Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy instructor card. Experimental lessons are only a small part of the school's health care curriculum, and hopefully they will understand the importance and the duty of the profession to the society in order to make the right choice.
In the coming time, THUV will continue to organize admission counseling sessions at the campus and telephone counseling. If you have any questions, please contact us.