Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Working in an international environment

Located in the framework of academic exchange between the University of Human Arts and Health Sciences in Japan and THUV, on March 30th, 2017 with the theme "Working in the international environment" Professor Kazuhiro Sakai has given students new experience. With many years of experience working in Thailand, Cambodia and charitable activities around the world, Professor has introduced outstanding issues for people with disabilities in the world as well as in developing countries, including Vietnam. And more importantly, the professor raised a matter of great interest to you: how to integrate into the international working environment. Through the practical experience of the professor and a number of faculty members of the university who have experience in studying abroad, we hope that students will understand what they are doing in the international environment. What kind of skills do you need to have? ... Thanks to Professor Kazuhiro Sakai , students and staff members are given opportunity to exchange ideas.