Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Career Orientation Program for excellent student teams Secondary school - Van Giang - Hung Yen

On the afternoon of March 28th, 2017, Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam was held an event taken part in by nearly 20 the best pupils of Me So Secondary School - Van Giang - Hung Yen and their teachers to do vocational guidance and find out information about THUV.
In this event, they have been involved in a variety of activities to find out about their future orientation, including:
Information about college and university admission in 2017, carreer orientation, choose future job. They also have acquired the knowledge to orient their careers and choose their specialization, including medical specialties such as Nursing, Rehabilitation / Physical therapy, Medical examination, Medical imaging, and Orthotics prosthetics.
In addition, they have been introduced to the Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam and lecturers; Facilities for teaching, learning, scientific research; education program; The training and sharing, answering the questions from the participants before becoming the student of THUV.
To have more understanding about the facilities and curriculum of Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam, we have organized for students to practice measuring blood pressure and hearing the heart and lung.
Besides practicing some medical techniques, students also have opportunity to speak English and Japanese to native speaker. Thereby, they can imagine the learning process at the Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam.
Taking part in the tour, students are very excited to visit the campus: visit the lecture room, pre-clinical practice room, library ... and meet the lecturers.
The successful career visit left a great impression on the participants about the image of THUV. In particular, some students intend to apply to Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam in the future. In the coming time, we will continue to conduct career recruitment activities for pupils in junior and senior high schools.