Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Welcome parents and students to counseling admission

After the successful recruitment of vocational counseling day on 01/04/2017, Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam
continues to accompany with Parents and students on the admission counseling oncampus with many activities.
In particular, this is an opportunity for parents to learn more about the modern learning environment, Japanese training programs as well as the outstanding features of THUV in training human resources for high-quality medical specialization. For prominent occupational groups such as the Bachelor of Nursing, Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy...
The open day attracts the attention from parents about the enrollment information, recruitment method and the training faculties of THUV in 2017 enrollment season. In addition, they also know how to seize job opportunities after graduation from Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam
. In order to relieve the anxiety, THUV staffs have answered all questions from the parents, which provides useful information for students and parents to choose the right career appropriate to their ability and passion.
In 2017, Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam
uses 02 methods of enrollment as National High School and interviews for the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy. In addition, it is expected that in due time, the University will add 4 new discipline codes for Bachelor of Laboratory in Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Image Techniques, Bachelor of Orthopedic Instruments and Diploma of Nursing.
In the end, the consultancy day was a great success when students and parents came to visit and explore the profession. Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam has received much attention from a large number of parents and students who participating in the festival. The 2017 enrollment season has come, expecting students to have more useful information ahead of time, at the door of university lectures to be ready to fulfill their dreams and look forward to the bright future.