Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam OPNEN the lecture hall No. 2

On the morning of May 13rd, 2017, Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam (located at Ecoparrk) delighted to organise The Openning Ceremony of Block of Lecture hall No. 2 with a capital investment of $ 10 million.
Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam was established under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 2056 / QD-Ttg on November 23, 2015. It is a 100% Japanese owned private university in Vietnam under the Ministry of education and training. THUV is built on an area of over 3 hectares, total initial investment of about $ 20 million, training scale 1200 students per year.
The university is currently recruiting and training undergraduate students with two major disciplines, Bachelor in Nursing and Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy. It is expected that in the coming time, THUV will continue to open more training disciplines such as laboratory in medicine; Medical imaging technology; Orthopedic instruments and prosthetics...
After one year of inauguration, Tokyo Human Health Sciences Vietnam has received the support of numerous students and parents. Continuing the success, THUV continued to invest in completing Phase 2, bringing the total number of rooms to 25 with enough rooms from 50 to 200 seats. Besides the theoretical classrooms, we have 9 practice rooms with facilities, technology, equipment and modern standards of Vietnam and advanced in the region, especially in Japan. Especially, all equipment for practicing nursing, rehabilitation / physical therapy ... at THUV is completely imported from Japan, meeting the technical requirements. Rigorous of occupation. Typical are electronic models, electric beds, measuring machines, the System 4 Pro, the system of artificial limbs, balance monitoring devices, electromechanical machines, ... Room system The practice room is furnished, designed as a miniature Japanese-style hospital, such as a neonatal day care room with a modern bathing system, a neonatal model, etc. students have chance to ẹnoy and practice the professional environment, and they can be ready for future job.
Kusumi Mari, the principal of Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam, said: "The second auditorium was built with the idea of transcending national boundaries; Creating a space with the image of a journey into space with the theme of "hope" and "dream" of mankind in general. As a founder, I would like to create this learning environment from the point of view of cultivating healthy and healthy students of both generations and will nurture "the will to perform. Dreams and hopes, "" the courage to face all challenges, "" endless effort to achieve success, "" gratitude as the basis of communication "for health workers" .
In the afternoon of the same day, THUV was held a conference with the topic of habits of life and health promotion by famous professors and doctors of Japan with 300 guests attended doctors, nurses, Health professionals in the training departments, hospitals in the North, promises to be interesting seminars, useful, providing new knowledge to participants.