Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam

A lecture on "habits of living and health promotion" at the Medical University of Tokyo Vietnam

On ocassion of The ceremony of celebrate event of opening Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam,we have collaborated with University of Human Arts and Sciences to organize a conference on " health".
The program attracted more than 300 attendees, including medical staffs and people concerned about the habit of living and improving their health.
At the start of the lecture, Dr. Uchiyama Takashisa - Former lecturer in Internal Medicine - Faculty of Medicine - Nihon University has the article "Prevention of problems related to underlying cardiovascular disease in daily life" The cause of the current cardiovascular disease is due to obesity and hypertension. In particular, obesity is closely related to cancer due to excess nutrients, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia in cells that are capable of causing cancer and interfere with the treatment of cancer. Therefore, Dr. Uchiyama Takashisa advised people to keep their weight at a reasonable level, limit salt intake, exercise (minimum 30 minutes per day), limit alcohol use and non-smoking. .
Next is Prof.Dr. Nakanishi Yukiko - Faculty of Food & Health - The University of Humanities shared his knowledge on "Nutrition and Health - Preventing Diseases due to living Habits" also emphasizes on games. The importance of breakfast is related to the blood glucose levels of the day. Specifically, with a gradual decrease in diet (breakfast most and gradually reduced to dinner) combined with a modest diet, in time will prevent many diseases due to habits of living.
Dr.Kusumi Takeshi - The Principal of University of Human Arts and Sciences has impressed the audience with a share of how to overcome stress: "Stress is not bad. Take advantage of stress to make your life better. " With rich content, simple speech and sincere, Dr. Kinus Takeshi has attracted the attention of the audience and get many excitedly comments.
At the end of the lecture, Dr.Kusumi Mari – The principal of Tokyo Human Health Sciences University Vietnam invited all participants to take souvenir photographs in the courtyard of the lecture hall No. 1.